Non-Republican Soul Searching

Today, following the re-election of my president, I tried to follow my own advice about equanimity and blogged on Huff Post Religion about things liberals might learn from conservatives. But speaking of equanimity – I am still new to this blogging thing, and I am ambivalent toward / curious about / suspicious of my own reactions to people’s reactions to my blog posts. Quite simply, it makes me happy when they like my posts (220 likes!), and unhappy when they don’t. And even when a lot of people seem to like my posts, it never quite seems to be enough (only 52 shares?). I observe that that insidious old hedonic treadmill applies not only to material goods. Nor has it disappeared as I’ve grown older and wiser; it’s merely shifted its direction.

But never mind, Pema Chodron might say, it’s no big deal. They’re just feelings, Lama Surya Das might say. Accept them as they are. Use this self-observation, Lama Willa Miller might say, to become more compassionate toward other people and their weird and bottomless needs to be noticed, loved, validated.

OK then. All those crazy politicians suddenly make just a tiny bit more sense.


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