I’m nobody. Who are you?

Greetings, dear reader, and welcome to my latest attempt at blogging. Those who know me well will know that “This, too, is joy” is NOT an outpouring of my naturally sunny personality. (I would guess that most of my closest family, friends, and colleagues would describe me – affectionately, of course! – as something between a melancholic and a mega-bitch, albeit one who tries to keep it funny and who often feels guilty and really wishes she were nicer.) It’s a mantra I read in a Buddhist magazine article, about a dead white Buddhist lady who inspired me to try to see life differently. Actually the only things I remember are her face and this mantra. And the mantra reminded me of New Testament admonishments that in suffering is joy, and to rejoice always. So this blog is me challenging myself to take off my shit-colored glasses in order to see rightly – to behold a new creation, or at least a creation that is new to me. Feel free to join in! Perhaps together we can create a pile of discarded shit-colored glasses that rivals that Texas-sized plastic island in the Pacific.


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